A Stylish and Powerful Fan for Large Rooms: Hampton Bay Caswyck Ceiling Fan Review

People often choose the wrong ceiling fan for their rooms, resulting in unnecessary problems in the future. Firstly, one must not compromise the quality of the fan they are purchasing. Good quality fans lead to minimum problems later on. When purchasing a ceiling fan for your room, buy one compatible with your room’s size. The larger the room, the more air circulation fans are required. If a low-power fan is installed in a large room, it won’t be effective enough to cool the entire room. 

In this case, the Hampton Bay Caswyck Ceiling Fan is a very good choice. Caswyck is a 54-inch vintage look ceiling fan that comes with a cherry wood finish, providing a sleek and stylish design. It includes five reversible blades. Now why is it an ideal choice, specifically for larger rooms? We will take a look at it further in this blog. 

Key features of the Caswyck Ceiling Fan

  • 54-inch blade span
  • 190W limiter for energy savings
  • Vintage, sleek cherrywood finish
  • Integrated up and downlight with Venetian scavo glass
  • Reversible blades in cherry and pitted cherry finish
  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • Dual Mount Installed
  • Three-speed hand-held remote control 


The Hampton Bay Caswyck Ceiling fan is known for its performance and adds up to its plus points. The fan comes with a detailed user manual which includes all the installation instructions, safety instructions, and important safety warnings, making it an easy-to-install fan. The high-power fan with its five reversible blades is enough to provide good powerful airflow. Also, its operation is not noisy, and the Caswyck is a quiet operation fan.

Stylish Vintage Design Can be expensive 
Powerful Circulating SpeedNot as energy efficient as some other fans
Quiet OperationA vintage look may not suit a modern room 
Easy to install 
Lifetime motor warranty

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Installation and Maintenance Tips

  1. Step-by-step installation guide

Click on the link above to the User Manual and get the detailed step-by-step installation guide for the Caswyck Ceiling Fan and the safety instructions. 

  1.  Maintenance, cleaning, and troubleshooting recommendations                   

Make sure the fan is working correctly and not producing any unusual noises. If so, give a quick examination; the fan blades might be needed to be repaired or replaced. 

Many times, when the fans are regularly used, the screws of the blades get loose, so they may need to be tightened up using a screwdriver. This may fix the unusual noise issue. 

Also, clean the mount as well as the fan blades on a regular basis. Use a vacuum to remove any accumulated dust, and you may also use a damp cloth to wipe off any stuck dirt from the fan blades. 

Proper care and maintenance of the fans would surely increase their lifespan. 


Now think no more! Hampton Bay’s Caswyck Ceiling Fans are the ideal choice for large spaces with many advantages, including the five reversible blades and the dual mount. They are also ideal because of their energy-saving ability and quiet operation, causing no disturbance. Install them in a large school library or a classroom; they will provide good air circulation and no noise disturbance. In rooms at home with a large covered area, you won’t need to install two fans as this one powerful airflow fan would be enough. It’s surely the right choice!