Hampton Bay Dehumidifier Troubleshooting

Hampton Bay Dehumidifier Troubleshooting Guide


With fall just around the corner, let’s remove the dehumidifier from storage and remove the covers. Alternatively, if you plan to buy a new Hampton Bay Dehumidifier, you are in the right place. This blog post will guide you through all the troubleshooting issues and their solutions that you should know before investing in a dehumidifier. Hampton Bay is one of the members of the Home Depot huge family and the United State’s beloved and trusted brand for stunning home décor and home appliances. This Huge name for home furnishings launched its dehumidifier to solve America’s indoor air quality issues, especially in spring and summer. The purpose behind launching a huge range of dehumidifiers was to ensure that customers get the best unit at the best price.

So, whether you are looking for your HB40 troubleshooting solution or want to learn about the best Hampton Bay dehumidifier at the best price, this blog post has got you covered. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Understanding Hampton Bay Dehumidifiers

Hampton Bay has launched 59 different yet incredible models of dehumidifiers to offer their customers a huge variety of dehumidifiers to choose from. The most popular are obviously the advanced ones, including the series of HB30 (HB30-G, HB30-H, HB30-K, HB30-L, and HB30-X), and the HB40 series includes 19 different models ranging from model type A to type V. Another famous Hampton Bay Dehumidifier HB50 series comprises 12 different models. 

Now let’s learn about the specifications of these three different hyped models.

  • Model HB40 specifications: The HB40 model is designed with an average-sized capacity. It is a 40-pints damp humidifier with a timer and attached to a built-in bucket.
  • Model HB30 Specifications: It is a 30-pint portable dehumidifier with tiny rooms that comes with a convertible moisture sensor, timer, discharge pipe, and built-in bucket.
  • Model HB50 Specifications: it is designed as a 50 pints humidifier with the same features as the HB30.

Besides these specifications, all three models have automated air-conditioning arrangements. These arrangements have room humidity detection settings that adjust the humidity levels accordingly and can even turn off the humidifier when required. The huge perk of Hampton Bay Dehumidifiers’ automatic arrangements is minimizing the power consumption.

So, with Hampton Bay Dehumidifiers by your side, you can wave goodbye to the annoying humidity in the air with a sense of honour that comes from knowing that you are conserving energy.

Common Issues with Hampton Bay Dehumidifiers

In this section, we have addressed a few regular yet unignorable issues with the Hampton Bay Dehumidifier.

Quiet Operation: Bedrooms are those comfortable places in your home where you come to enjoy your well-deserved rest after a long and tiring day. Even though the Hampton Bay Dehumidifier comes with a guarantee of quiet operation, it may sometimes disappoint you and make unusual sounds. But the good news is that this issue can be solved by cleaning the air filters or lubricating the motor fan. 

Drain Hose Problems: Every dehumidifier is fitted with a drainage pipe. Sometimes you may come across some problems with the working of the outlet hose. In that case, you will ensure the hose is free from clogs and dust. If you spot any drainage outlet blockage, then it’s time to get that out. Sometimes, you will also need to replace the defective hose with a new one. While fitting a new drainage pipe, ensure that it is positioned and adjusted appropriately.

Troubleshooting Tips for Hampton Bay Dehumidifiers

Hey! Are you frequently experiencing problems with your Hampton Bay Dehumidifier? Here’s what might be the culprit behind the issues that you are facing.

 No Power:

Whenever you find that your Hampton Bay Dehumidifier is acting like a stubborn kid who doesn’t follow what’s being told, the most reliable course of action would be to check the appliance cord connections with the power supply. Suppose the dehumidifier is properly connected to the switch, in that case, you should examine the switchgear for defects and try connecting the power cord of the dehumidifier with a different switch outlet. If the humidifier does not turn on after all this, then it’s time to seek help from the expert team of Hampton Bay.

Low Dehumidification:

If you are not satisfied with your Hampton Bay Dehumidifier’s working, then try readjusting the dehumidifier humidity levels and repositioning the unit centrally in the room. You will also need to ensure the dehumidifier’s dimensions are suitable for the room where it is being installed. And above all exercise care while using the dehumidifier and ensure the air scrubbers are properly cleaned. Finally, you can contact Hampton Bay Support for assistance and expert advice.

Unusual Noises:

Nothing can beat the discomfort brought on by bizarre sounds emanating from machinery. If your Hampton Bay dehumidifier is making unusual sounds, then there must be some problem inside it. To take the edge off your humidifier’s sorrows and cries, put it on a flat surface and make sure that it doesn’t touch your precious home furnishings. Following that, you will clean the humidifier ventilation arrangements and check that the fan motor is well lubricated. If the noise doesn’t seem to go away after all this, then the option of contacting Hampton Bay customer support is always there.

Frost Buildup:

Are your Hampton Bay dehumidifier coils constantly icing up? Then fear not because we have the fix-it trick

  • First up, you will disconnect the dehumidifier cord from the outlet after switching it off.
  •  Then, you will let the dehumidifier to de-ice for 24 hours.
  • Once the defrosting is done, wipe the wet coils with a clean cloth or a soft brush. 
  • Plug in the dehumidifier cord in the switch and see if it works.
  •  If frost buildup is a routine matter for your dehumidifier, then don’t hesitate to contact Hampton Bay customer support.

Referencing the Hampton Bay Dehumidifier Manual

We bring you the Hampton Bay Dehumidifier Manual, as your ultimate guide for enhancing your troubleshooting experience and solving the dehumidifier operating issues once and for all. The aim behind designing the manufacturer’s manual was to overcome customers’ concerns about units’ operation while sitting in the comfort of their homes and save their trips to Hampton Bay’s office.

We would highly recommend you read the Hampton Bay Dehumidifier Manual before starting your journey with Hampton Bay’s Products. You may know the quick-fix trick before you get into trouble with your dehumidifier.

Locating the Manual: How do we get the Hampton Bay Dehumidifier manual? 

  • First up, you will visit the Hampton Bay official website. 
  • Next, you will scroll down the screen for “Support” or “Manuals” options. You will tap on these options and open the humidifier tab.
  • Once the humidifier tab is displayed on the screen, you will see the button for downloading the Hampton Bay Dehumidifier Manual. And you are done!

How to Use the Manual properly?

Now, let’s explore the correct method of using Hampton Bay’s Manual. 

  • The manual is categorized into different sections to locate the required information easily.
  • The first section of the manual is all about dehumidifier working, management, and maintenance.
  • In the next or the second section, you will find content related to usual troubleshooting guidance.
  • You will check the relevant manual section for solutions after identifying the nature of the problem.
  • However, if you are unsure about fixing the trouble yourself at home, then you can put it in the professional hands of Hampton Bay’s team at any time.

Price and Value

This section will help you find the best Hampton Bay Dehumidifier that best fits your budget and fulfils your needs, as we have already discussed the different available models of Hampton Bay Dehumidifier, including HB40, HB30, and HB50. So, the unit’s price will vary depending on the model size and capacity. 

Hampton Bay Dehumidifier Prices:

Now let’s look at the prices

Model HB40 Price: The HB40 series covers 19 different models, available in the price range of $200-$250.

Model HB30 Price: The prices for all the models categorized under the HB30 class are adjusted between $150-$200.

Model HB50 Price: Here comes the priciest one! HB50 is the Hampton Bay grand dehumidifier model, designed in 12 styles. All these 12 models’ prices have been set between $250-$300.

Value for Money:

Considering the prices, a one-time investment in Hampton Bay Dehumidifier can be tough on your wallet, but features like automatic dehumidification, modifiable humidistats and built-in water tanks make it worth a try. Besides, all Hampton Bay Dehumidifiers have a warranty for no-cost servicing and free maintenance for any damage within a year.

Safety Considerations

They say that Safety comes first, and they are right to say so. Dealing with electrical appliances can be risky as any carelessness can land you directly on the hospital bed. Practising electrical safety measures while fixing and dealing with electrical appliances is important. 

Dear Reader, your safety is totally in your own hands so make sure that you follow the following tips while operating a dehumidifier.

  • It would be best if you use grounded switch outlets. 
  • Discard any damaged power cord immediately.
  • Don’t operate the dehumidifier with wet hands or on wet surfaces. 
  • The unit must not be placed close to a heated object. Always make sure that the dehumidifier is positioned in a proper dry environment.
  • Never clean the dehumidifier’s air filters and coils with a plugged-in switch.

Maintenance: Apart from safety considerations, regular unit maintenance and monthly service are the keys to enhancing the unit’s life. Some easy and practical maintenance tips are as follows.

  • Air filters have a huge job in a dehumidifier, so make sure you clean them regularly with a clean and disinfected cloth.
  • Every Hampton Bay Dehumidifier is fitted with a water tank. The water in these tanks must be drained properly and regularly.
  • This unit must be positioned properly in a tidy and moisture-free area.
  • Take your time with scheduling a monthly dehumidifier servicing by a skilled technician.


It won’t be wrong to say that Hampton Bay has earned its place as a trusted home appliances brand in the US trade market. The biggest contribution of Hampton Bay is keeping American houses free from molds and improving air quality by launching its 59 different dehumidifier models in various sizes to facilitate customers in selecting of most suitable dehumidifiers. Hampton Bay Dehumidifiers are pricy; however, they are worth the money. Besides, you may run into issues with the operations of the dehumidifier; that’s why the units come with a troubleshooting guide manual. These manuals are designed as a go-to source for solving basic troubleshooting issues while sitting in the comfort of your home. The environment greatly influences the life and working of your Hampton Bay Dehumidifier, so make sure you store it in a clean and dry place.

And there you have it! We hope that you enjoyed learning about common issues and quick fixes for your Hampton Bay Dehumidifier in this comprehensive blog post. Do you have a Hampton Bay Dehumidifier at home? What troubles do you face with it? How about sharing your experience with us? Sound off in the comment box and get the comment section going. As always, we would love to hear from you.

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